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Case Studies 5

Before & Afters

porcelain veneers Toronto   porcelain veneers Toronto
Case 5

Swan received eight porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges at an approximate cost of $12,000 over just two visits.

These cases reflect the diversity of both the type of people who seek
Dr. Philips’ expert care as well as the initial conditions of
their smiles and their reasons for seeking a cosmetic solution.

Some of our examples feature patients with rather challenging problems.
A relatively inexpensive, non painful and quick cosmetic dentistry
plan enabled these people to have the most extreme makeover of
their lives – extreme makeovers that changed them forever.

Notice how some of the other patients seem to have originally
had fairly decent smiles. While not perfect, they don’t appear
all that bad. All too often, people are willing to settle for
mediocrity. After their "subtle" mini makeovers, their
smiles improved drastically, and their confidence was boosted.