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Eyelid cosmetic surgery popular with men: doctor

Dr. Philips in the News…

TORONTO – Eyelid cosmetic surgery is the most popular form of facial rejuvenation, Dr. Neil Miles, a plastic surgeon, recently told a meeting sponsored by the Shalom Chapter of Toronto Women’s ORT.

Eye lid surgery is particularly popular with men, he said. Other forms of facial rejuvenation, he said, are facelift, brow lift (the least popular) neck lift, chemical peel and collagen inserts, or a combination.

Miles said his rule of thumb is that facial cosmetic surgery should not be done more than three times in a lifetime and a second operation should not be done until five years have passed.

The trend is for younger and younger people to come in for cosmetic surgery and he now operates frequently on patients in their 40s, he said.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular, he said. "Recently, I was at a cocktail party in Rosedale with about 30 people and when I was cornered and asked questions I said, ‘Six people at this party have had plastic surgery,’ That really set the cat among the pigeons."

He said it is not necessary to have a second consultation but if a patient is not comfortable, he or she should have one.

"The brow lift is the most underestimated and under-performed operation in cosmetic surgery," Miles said.

Breast augmentation, following a masectomy is the operation he does the most. "Our goal is a nice feminine form, not a big bust," Miles stated.

He advises patients who have had cosmetic surgery to wait three weeks before going public and six weeks before attending a major social event.

"Mark my words, within a few years you’ll be getting a call from your dentist to come in every few months for bleaching," said Dr. Edward S. Philips who practices dental cosmetics.

Bleaching, to whiten teeth, is one of the main changes coming in the practice of dentistry, he said. The process will involve patients letting a solution soak their teeth.

The day is not far off when computers will fashion the fillings patients need for cavities or other reasons, Philips said. And on the horizon as well are lasers to fuse fillings into place.

Unfortunately, 90 per cent of dental insurance does not cover cosmetic work, he said. One reason for the increase in dental cosmetics is that people are living longer and want their teeth to look good. Most dental bridges worn by patients are out of date in new-age dentistry, he said.

Dr. Shia B. Wolgelernter described sclerotherapy which he uses for patients with varicose and spider veins. It involves the injection of a solution, takes only 10 or 15 minutes, and has an 80 per cent success rate.

Patients don’t complain of any pain from the needles, but some do report pain from the solutions, he said.

"It is painless and safe and requires no hospitalization," he said. The larger veins are likely to recur, he added. He asks patients to wear support hose for two weeks after the procedure.