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Hot Spot: The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Philips in the News…

700 UniversiryAve.,

The peaceful vibes at The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry in Toronto are a far cry from the cold sterility usually associated with the dentist’s chair. Glass, metal and porcelain fixtures sit in beautiful contrast to pottery work and wood countertops embodying the studio’s philosophy of harmony.

For the duration of time you spend in the studio’s spa-like facilities, you are the only patient present, indicated by the lone dentist chair. "One doctor, one dentist, one great smile," says Dr. Ed Philips, the studio’s founder and sole practitioner. He explains the purpose of his practice: "We are genetically programmed to look at a smile when gauging someone."

The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry was not designed to replace a family dentist, but was meant to offer a unique experience to those seeking esthetic procedures. "We are an alternative for special jobs," from fillings and porcelain veneers to full mouth reconstructions, Philips says. "You can’t put the same set of teeth in every mouth and expect them to look good," which is why he offers patient-tailored care.

The studio itself is shaped like the spiral of a shell, with crevices and hidden private spaces – a washroom, dressing room with kimonos, postop rest area and a private rinse room – that provide comfort and calm. "We offer little things to help people get through the entire experience."