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Toronto Cosmetic Dentist Featured Media Articles

Keep your smile going and going
By Judy Gerstel
…A bigger problem than discoloration is the tendency of teeth to wear down…read more >>>

The truth hurts but it beats being misled
By Jane Wilson
…I was dating a guy for nearly a year until we broke up in February. It was the best relationship I’ve ever had…read more >>>

Look who’s smiling now
By Carola Vyhnak
…Wilson’s winning smile is the work of Dr. Edward Philips, a Toronto dental surgeon who’s given hundreds of people more to smile about… read more >>>

Self-improvement, the surgical way
…Perfect bod, perfect face, perfect teeth. A growing number of teens want it all – and they’re willing to pay thousands for cosmetic procedures to firm thighs, reshape noses and straighten smiles… read more >>>

Cosmetic dentistry takes on new polish
By Art Chamberlain
…”Where we’re heading with dentistry is as new to dentists as it is to the public,” says Dr. Ed Philips, who operates a dental practice at Hydro Place doing regular and cosmetic work… read more >>>

Dentists can be fun
By Janice Dineen
…From virtual reality eyeglasses to soothing New Age CDs, dentists have all sorts of ‘new toys’ to keep your mind off your mouth… read more >>>

Smile! You’re on candid camera
By Linsay Scotton
…Cosmetic dentistry’s new high-tech toys can show you the way to a picture-perfect smile… read more >>>

Laser can whiten your smile
By Bill Taylor
…Dr. Edward Philips is one of a handful of cosmetic dentists pioneering a tooth-whitening technique using a laser beam… read more >>>

Laser technology brightens up smiles
By Kristin Rushowy
…Newest development in teeth whitening has both fans and critics… read more >>>

Make your smile light up the room
By Daphne Gordon
…We consulted a Yorkville dentist, Dr. Ed Philips of the Centre for Aesthetic Dentistry and president of the Toronto Dental Society… read more >>>

I’m flashing my pearly whites
By Daphne Gordon
…Counter Culture recently realized we’ve been walking around flashing stained and icky teeth at the countless cute specimens we smile at on the street… read more >>>

Some adults seek to polish up smile
By Lisa Wright
…But with all the advancements in cosmetic dentistry in recent years, some adults are actually seeking out the dentist’s chair to get their teeth whitened, straightened and brightened… read more >>>

All Smile$
By Natasha Marko
…Dr. Philips, who has been practicing dentistry for 20 years, is passionate about his work in crafting attractive smiles. He left his general practice five years ago to open The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry in Toronto… read more >>>

Christmas Shopping: Day Five
By Serena French
…Bringing new meaning to the ditty All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, Dr. Edward Philips, a Toronto cosmetic dental surgeon, has half-a-dozen perfect smile gift ideas: tooth whitening, laser whitening, smart brushes… read more >>>

When dentistry become artistry
…Those who can’t live with their smiles can turn to cosmetic dentistry. As dental health has steadily improved over the years, this attention to aesthetics has become a new focus in the industry… read more >>>

Putting a smile on your face
…Dr. Edward Philips takes smiling seriously. So Seriously, in fact, that he walked away from a general dentistry practice to devote all his time to beautifying smiles… read more >>>

Thou shalt covet a perfect smile
By Susan Goldberg
…Whiter teeth as a biblical imperative? That might be going a bit far, but Toronto-based esthetic dentist Dr. Edward Philips points out humans have seen white teeth as a sign of power and prosperity since at least the time of the Old Testament… read more >>>

Health: Smile Therapy
By Noreen Flanagan
…”There are millions of different smiles, but only three main smile patterns,” says Dr. Edward Philips of The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry in Toronto. “You can learn to smile in a certain way, but you have a natural smile based on one of three neuromuscular patterns you’re born with.”… read more >>>

Beauty 911
…According to Dr. Edward Philips of The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry in Toronto, there are two kinds of stains: extrinsic, from coffee, tea, red wine and smoking, and intrinsic, which are caused by aging… read more >>>

Grin and Bare it
…Take this smile quiz by Dr. Edward Philips of The Studio Aesthetic Dentistry in Toronto… read more >>>

A Smile Like Yours
…It’s a spontaneous, always contagious and gorgeous natural wonder of the world. A smile can say a thousand words – like, I have a great one. But for some, grinning means bearing their not-so-pearly whites and not-so-symmetrical teeth. We’ve probed modern “dental face-lift techniques to show you how to get a perfect smile… read more >>>

Something to smile about
By Marilyn Linton
…Whiter teeth are part of the social evolution of the mouth, says Philips, a cosmetic dentist who runs Toronto’s Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry… read more >>>

Exploring Beauty: Say Cheese
by Rondi Adamson
…If you’re getting married tomorrow, then I’d recommend the laser treatment,” says Dr. Edward Philips of The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry… But if you’re not rushed, stick with the trays…read more >>>

Fluoride has dentists frowning
By Jan Wong
…To stay competitive, dentists now pamper patients with everything from aroma therapy and popcorn to hot finger towels and piped-hi reggae music, not to mention extended hours and hefty discounts… read more >>>

The science of smiles
By Stephanie Nolen
…In the image-drive 90s, the perfect smile packs power. A Toronto dental surgeon has remade ‘thousands’ of smiles, for everyone from a litigating lawyer to a union worker… read more >>>

Plenty of reasons to smile
By Laura Pratt
…As demand for a more glistening grin continues to grow, more and more regular dentists are providing home whitening kits for their patients… read more >>>

Dentists adopt marketing gimmicks
…In greater Toronto, the ratio is one for 1,200, the highest concentration in Canada. In 1995, a dozen Toronto dentists went bankrupt, compared with zero in the previous decade, according to Dr. Edward Philips, a former member of the executive council of the Ontario Dental Association… read more >>>

Say cheese!
By Jennifer Tam
…Cosmetic dentists Ed Philips and Sol Weiss of Toronto practise one of the most common tooth-bleaching methods, called Opalescence or Nite Whites… read more >>>

SMILE! Here’s good news for your teeth!
…”An attractive smile is a personal asset,” says Toronto dentist Edward Philips. “We can now create that smile.”… read more >>>

Hot Spot: The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry
…”One doctor, one dentist, one great smile,” says Dr. Ed Philips, the studio’s founder and sole practitioner… read more >>>

Science meets Art
By Susan Williamson
…Dr. Ed Philips is a man on a mission. “There is more to dentistry than just filling holes, ” he enthuses. “I want to change how people look.”… read more >>>

…A set of sparkling pearly whites and a pair of supple lips easily melt a woman’s heart… read more >>>

Smile Style
By Carly Sparks
…According to Dr. Philips, tooth jewelry is just the beginning of smile style. The actual shape of teeth can also be changed to create a different look… read more >>>

Strobe lights, lasers are new dental tools
By Michelle Noble
…Lasers can cut through the gums faster than the nerves can feel the pain, says Dr. Philips… read more >>>

‘Surgeons of happiness’ can remodel you
By Sidney Katz
…”The cosmetic dentist aims to give you a beautiful designer smile,” says Dr. Edward Philips, typical of this new breed of practitioners. Formerly on the staff of the Hospital for Sick Children, Philips is now part of a group practice, housed in a downtown Toronto office building… read more >>>

Dental work can change your life
…Cosmetic dentistry, says Philips, “is absolutely incredible. When the patients come back (after treatment) they just seem to have pulled themselves together. They look better, fashionably, because they’re wearing better colours, hair and make-up.”… read more >>>

(Why) Americans could, should, do come to Toronto for medical and dental services
…This is a studio designed specifically for cosmetic dentistry; in fact the only one of its’ kind in North America. The Studio is operated by Dr. Edward Philips who is also the Course Director for Cosmetic Dentistry at the University of Toronto. Dr. Philips also lectures in Canada and the United States and is an information resource for several radio and print media… read more >>>

Eyelid cosmetic surgery popular with men: doctor
…Eye lid surgery is particularly popular with men, he said. Other forms of facial rejuvenation, he said, are facelift, brow lift (the least popular) neck lift, chemical peel and collagen inserts, or a combination… read more >>>

Eye For The Future Magazine

It’s all In THE SMILE!
By Edward Philips
…To be healthy, wealthy and wise, you can work out, work hard and eat a well balanced diet. But to add success to such good health, experts say you’ll have to open your lips and smile… read more >>>

Elm Street Magazine

Our First Makeover Story
By Nora McCabe
…With that in mind, Elm Street asked two of Canada’s top makeover artists, plastic surgeon Michael Jon Bederman and cosmetic dentist Ed Philips, to overhaul each of the nine provincial premiers… read more >>>

The Record

Dentist makes executives, entertainers smile
…With all the recent advancements in cosmetic dentistry, some adults are seeking out the once-dreaded dentist’s chair to get their teeth whitened, straightened and brightened… read more >>>