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Dr. Philips in the News…

Transcript Transcript Transcript
Virgin Radio Q107 Q107
Transcript 102MX Q107
Q103 Interview 1 Q103 Interview 2 CBH FM
Studio Commercial


CBC 94.1 FM Info Morning
Anatomy of a Smile with Eileen McGuiness

CFRM 1010 AM
In-Studio Interview with Patricia Tomasi

CJMR 1250 AM
Cosmetic Dentistry Phone-In with Phil Kravetsky

Talk 640 AM
Live Phone-In Segment with protester taken out by Jean Cretien

CFRB 1010 AM John Oakly Show
In-Studio with Ted Woloshyn

640 AM
Calling All Three Year Olds with Shelley Klinck

Radio 98, London
Cosmetic Dentistry with Ann Hutchinson

CFNY 102.1 FM
Cosmetic Dentistry

CHUM 104.5 FM
Dan Turner Interview on Cosmetic Dentistry

CFPL FM, London
Interviewed by John Wilson

CIQM FM, London
Interviewed by Dick Williams

CKWW AM, Windsor
How to Select a Cosmetic Dentist with Wayne Stevens

CHTZ & CKTB AM, St. Catharine’s
Interviewed by Shone Thompson