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Dr. Philips in the News…

They are the window to the soul and are one of the prime features that turn her on. Erika Lapenna, a makeup artist at Phases Hairdressing in Woodbridge, Ontario, says there’s nothing sexier than a soulful pair of peepers and believes you can read a guy with just one glance at his baby blues (or browns).

"I look for eyes that emanate warmth and comfort," Lapenna shares. "You can totally see a person’s character and emotions in their eyes. If I don’t like what I see, there’s no future."

Carol Smith, a colourist at Toronto’s Donato Salon Spa, reports that when she met her husband on a blind date, she was immediately captivated by his bright, blue eyes. "It wasn’t just the colour that struck me-they were so intense I felt I could see his entire essence. That was an instant attraction for me."

When it comes to eye esthetics, while a few crinkles in the corner may put a little twinkle in his eyes, baggage underneath is never good. Puffiness is often hereditary, the result of fat cells collecting in the delicate under-eye tissues. The only effective solution: surgically removing these fatty deposits. An eye job is a relatively simple procedure and once bags have been removed, they typically don’t return.

A set of sparkling pearly whites and a pair of supple lips easily melt a woman’s heart. Donna Dolphy, a stylist at Toronto’s Salon Daniel, says a guy with a smile that lights up the room is an instant babe magnet.

"Not enough men smile!" Dolphy laughs. "Too many guys look so serious all the time, so when I see one grinning, I immediately notice. It’s definitely an added bonus if he’s got great teeth."

Lapenna says never underestimate the positive power of a smile. Teeth don’t have to be perfectly straight; a few irregularities can add character, but they definitely do have to be clean and well cared for (smokers take note!).

"There is no bigger turn off than brown, dirty teeth," Lapenna describes. "White teeth not only look great, but also signify that the guy takes the time to look after himself."

If he needs a little brightening up, teeth can be whitened to movie-star status with laser whitening. While bleaching has been a favorite method of whitening teeth for years, lasering is faster and can be more effective. The procedure, which involves coating teeth with a hydrogen peroxide before they are lasered, takes an average of two hours and results can last indefinitely if teeth are taken care of.

Remember Tom Cruise in MI:2 or Russell Crowe in Gladiator? These guys and their great hair had women swooning for months. Mena Spina, a partner at Toronto’s Salon Vivace, says women love to ruffle a man’s mane and they like it soft, silky and immaculately groomed.

"It doesn’t matter if his hair is short or long, but he’s got to keep it in fabulous condition," Spina says. "A quality, deep- cleansing shampoo and conditioner can work wonders."

If he’s thinning, can he still be a sex bomb? Doiphy believes a bald head can be very sensual. "If hair is thin, buzz it off so it’s ultra-short. That is very sexy," she smiles. "To make it work, he’s got to be comfortable in his own skin-if a man is self-conscious about his hair loss, it will reflect in the way he presents himself."

For those guys who are down about losing, transplants can offer a boost of confidence. Procedures are far more affordable than when first introduced over 20 years ago. The results are natural looking and very real. Chances are he won’t have the hair he had when he was 16, but the goal with today’s transplantations is to give the impression of a full head of hair.

Nice racks aren’t just for women anymore. A guy with kick-ass pecs and a smooth, hair-free chest is the ultimate. Lapenna says the chest is the first thing she looks at below the neck. If it’s buffed and finessed, she’s sold.

"The number one thing when it comes to chests is no hair," Lapenna stresses. "The Tom Selleck days are way over. A little sprinkling is do-able, but that’s it."

Mary Orlando, owner of Toronto’s Featuring…You Spa & Salon, agrees there’s nothing more unappealing to a woman than a hirsute man. Chest hair is largely a no-no, and back hair is a definite thumbs down.

"Grooming is key for the chest and for the back area," Orlando says. "Excess hair is not only a turn-off for women, but most men aren’t comfortable with it either. This translates into a lack of confidence, which is also very unappealing."

The best way to de-fuzz? Zap hair with laser removal. While treatments don’t tickle, they do effectively diminish hair growth, with the rate of permanency varying from person to person.